iPhone 6 Quest: Day 9

Day 9

Another slow day. Last night Jonah stayed up until 3am trying to preorder the iPhone online, but he couldn’t. The Apple Store website was completely saturated and even crashed down for a couple of hours. When it came back up, Jonah could only find the iPhones available for delivery after the end of September… useless.


Jonah waiting at 3am to buy the iPhones online.

The days are passing by so fast that I cannot even finish all my daily tasks until after 6pm. It’s good, I guess, the fact that September 19th will come faster, that is; however, sometimes I feel like… time is consuming us.

When we first heard of this task we were very excited to come and up to now we still are, but every single day that passes we become more and more tired. We are exhausted. But anyways, we won’t give up. Only one week to go.

The bright side of this trip is that we are achieving our objective. Today, there were several people from Spain and from France that came and told us: “You are the guys from the news, we saw you on the news.” The Spanish couple even told me: “You are the guy from the RAVPower’s Youtube channel, right?”. We are spreading RAVPower to the world. This means that all our efforts are worth it.


Mrs. Nazan Isik and the RAVPower Team!

Today we received the visit of a very nice lady from Turkey, Mrs. Nazan Isik, who comes every single day to visit us and bring us goodies and food. Today we got wafers! She is a lovely person, an awesome writer, and a very good photographer. She says she considers herself part of the RAVPower team and… she really is! 🙂

Today we also received a new addition to our camping gear… the all new RAVPower Solar Charger! You’ll be able to get one of these online from our amazon store this November. We will now be able to harvest all the energy we need directly from the sun!


RAVPower's new Solar Charger!

Weather Report: 80% rain for tomorrow morning, 8am.

Health Report: same old, same old… Jonah is healthy and I have a sore throat.

Good night everyone!




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