iPhone 6 Quest: Day 11

Day 11
Busy Sunday. Many people came by to say hi.
We made the front page of several major newspapers in Mexico since yesterday, which is why today we received the visit of many Mexicans saying “You guys are famous! RAVPower all the way!” We’ve also been all over Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador. Again, busy Sunday.

The bad news: Brian, one of the RAVPower Team members, got his sleeping bag stolen. We were getting ready to sleep just a couple of minutes ago when suddenly he couldn’t find it anywhere. We believe that someone might have taken it last night while we were all sleeping because Brian wasn’t using it. It was laying down under the tarp that we used to cover our gear from the rain. We already searched everywhere and even contacted the NYPD. Let’s see how it goes. We will all pitch in tonight to make a bed for Brian. We’ve got a couple of spare blankets and pillows for him to use. Hopefully it will be enough for him to pass the night.
The good news: we are getting closer to the launch date. This friday we will finally be able to enter the Apple Store and purchase the brand new iPhone 6 Plus!
More good news: it stopped raining and the sun came out today! We were able to use our super RAVPower Solar Charger again! It works like a charm.
We also got to do our laundry before lunch. Clean clothes to last us until Friday, until the big day!


Laundry time!

Even more good news: we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset and the visit of someone very special (you’ll find his photo if you scroll down a bit more).


Beautiful sunset.


More sunset...


And even more sunset 🙂


Today's special visitor 🙂

Health Report: NO MORE SORE THROAT! Today, Mia gave me some honey and eucalyptus candy and the pain went away. I’ll still try to be careful, but anyways, no more pain for now.

Weather Report: Sunny all week long… except Tuesday, 40% of rain.


Bonus photo: Jonah taking a nap after a very busy morning 🙂

That’s all for today.
Good night!



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