iPhone 6 Quest: Day 13

Day 13 (sorry guys, somehow we were unable to publish this post last night)


The clouds over us!

The weather forecast said it would only be 40% chance of rain during the morning, but we did not expect it to wake us up at 730am. It poured for more than 4 hours. We did all we could to save our gear, but many of our things got wet. And to make things worst, the wind was cold, almost freezing.


The team staying positive, even though it was raining! 🙂

We covered our already wet gear with the tarp and ran to the cafe around the corner to wait for the rain to stop. We stayed there drinking hot tea and taking turns every 20 minutes to go to the camp site and check on our stuff.

After 12pm, the clouds began to disperse. We were finally able to return to our stuff and, after the sun came out, we opened our sleeping bags and our luggage to dry under the sunshine.

Right now, we are wrapped in our sleeping bags like human burritos. We’ll try to stay warm and safe.

Don’t forget to participate on our global iPhone 6 event! You can get one for free from RAVPower! All you have to do is go to http://www.ravpower.com!

Good night!

3 more nights to go!




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