iPhone 6 Quest: Day 15

Day 16

Today we got transferred into the cage. This will be our last night here and we expect it to be the coldest yet. No rain, though.

This is how we woke up :)

This is how we woke up 🙂

The people from the NYPD came early this morning to help the Apple staff build the cage. We went inside at about 3pm in groups of five. We could feel that in only a few hours the quest was going to be done.

We were surprised to see that most of the people in line were Chinese. We asked around why and we found out that the release of the iPhone 6 and 6+ in China has been delayed until December or probably January 2015; therefore, right now an iPhone 6 over there is worth around $4000USD. That’s when we understood that most of those people were resellers. Most of them were old women or men with children.

All Chinatown came to line up for the iPhone 6

All Chinatown came to line up for the iPhone 6


Up to a couple minutes ago, the line went all the way to 63th ST, that’s 5 blocks away. CRAZY! The media will get here early in the morning. Follow our twitter account for more info!

Time to sleep, at least for a few hours.

The RAVPower Team is READY!

The RAVPower Team is READY!




iPhone 6 Quest: Day 12

Day 12

Only 3 days left in this quest! Can’t believe we’re almost there. The days are getting shorter and the weather, well… crazier everyday. It usually begins with a very cold morning followed by a sunny and hot afternoon. Ending, of course, in a strangely chilly night that eventually turns into another cold autumn morning. No wonder why my throat is starting to hurt again.


Hey! He's cutting in line! :p

But let’s talk about today’s great news…

Today we officially launch the RAVPower iPhone 6 global contest! Want a FREE iPhone 6 Plus but missed the preorder and now have to wait months before you can get your hands on one? Well, don’t look any further. RAVPower has one for you! It’s simple. Go to www.ravpower.com, click on the banner on the front page and follow the instructions. It’s that simple!

If you do not have an iPhone 6 or any RAVPower product, simply write in a piece of paper “I Love RAVPower”, take a picture of you holding the sign and upload it to your Twitter or Instagram and tag us @RAVPower. You can also post it on our Facebook page.

Weather report: 40% chance of rain for tomorrow.


Columbus circle at night.

That’s it for now! Don’t forget to participate on our giveaway!

Good night!



iPhone 6 Quest: Day 10

Day 10

Hi guys, Ed here again. Today was probably the slowest day we’ve had. No interviews at all, except, well, the pedestrians who approached us and questioned us about our endeavor. Even thought was slow, the weather made it feel as the longest day ever. We had rain since around 2pm until just about an hour ago, 10pm more less. No lightnings, though.


Here I am, trying to survive the rain.

While we were having dinner, Jonah was making a call somewhere and was on hold for almost half an hour before I asked: “What are you doing?” He then replied, “I am canceling my order.” I was confused, so I asked:  “It takes this long to cancel a pizza?” I asked this because he tried to order a pizza for dinner an hour before. He looked at me and began laughing like a crazy person. It turns out that he was trying to cancel an order that he managed to place somehow for 2 iPhone 6 the previous night; however, the delivery date on the order was October 19th… too late.

Today we found out that we made it to the front page of several major newspapers in South America! Way to go, RAVPower Team!

The rest of the day went by so slow. Clouds covered New York City until like 20 minutes ago. We are expecting better weather for the rest of the week, except Tuesday. For now, we need to dry our gear before we can get some sleep. It’s cold, very cold.

A couple of hours ago we got to meet Fred Schebesta, the first guy in Australia to buy an iPhone 5 two years ago. He shared with us his story about how he camped for 5 days to get thr phonr. Afterwards, he even agreed to take a photo with us.


The RAVPower Team and Fred Schebesta.

Health Report: I am still sick and Jonah just feels very tired and finally… he FEELS COLD! 🙂

That’s it for now.

Good Night!


iPhone 6 Quest: Day 9

Day 9

Another slow day. Last night Jonah stayed up until 3am trying to preorder the iPhone online, but he couldn’t. The Apple Store website was completely saturated and even crashed down for a couple of hours. When it came back up, Jonah could only find the iPhones available for delivery after the end of September… useless.


Jonah waiting at 3am to buy the iPhones online.

The days are passing by so fast that I cannot even finish all my daily tasks until after 6pm. It’s good, I guess, the fact that September 19th will come faster, that is; however, sometimes I feel like… time is consuming us.

When we first heard of this task we were very excited to come and up to now we still are, but every single day that passes we become more and more tired. We are exhausted. But anyways, we won’t give up. Only one week to go.

The bright side of this trip is that we are achieving our objective. Today, there were several people from Spain and from France that came and told us: “You are the guys from the news, we saw you on the news.” The Spanish couple even told me: “You are the guy from the RAVPower’s Youtube channel, right?”. We are spreading RAVPower to the world. This means that all our efforts are worth it.


Mrs. Nazan Isik and the RAVPower Team!

Today we received the visit of a very nice lady from Turkey, Mrs. Nazan Isik, who comes every single day to visit us and bring us goodies and food. Today we got wafers! She is a lovely person, an awesome writer, and a very good photographer. She says she considers herself part of the RAVPower team and… she really is! 🙂

Today we also received a new addition to our camping gear… the all new RAVPower Solar Charger! You’ll be able to get one of these online from our amazon store this November. We will now be able to harvest all the energy we need directly from the sun!


RAVPower's new Solar Charger!

Weather Report: 80% rain for tomorrow morning, 8am.

Health Report: same old, same old… Jonah is healthy and I have a sore throat.

Good night everyone!